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Legend of the Red Dragon Today's Game News for lord.stabs.org

The Daily Happenings....
Despair covers the land - more bloody remains have been found today.
Sandman got laid by Lady Ta'aluma!
Sandman has killed Benzol!
Sandman does a little dance over Benzol's grave.
Sandman has been killed by Earth Shaker!
"Killed by Earth Shaker. I am disgraced," grieves Sandman.
Two-Digit Gidget has killed Amarhy!
"Next time Amarhy, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
Two-Digit Gidget says seriously.
Two-Digit Gidget has been killed by King Vidion!
King Vidion carefully burys Two-Digit Gidget.
Spn has killed stab!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Spn!,"
stab mutters.
Spn has killed Blackhawk!
"I wasn't ready!," Blackhawk screams.
Spn got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Spn has been killed by King Vidion!
The banker is already looking for Spn's next of kin.
Eegah has killed Stuck in self defence!
"Um..Eegah old pal...Since when were you stronger then me?,"
Stuck inquires.
Bucks Lady got laid by 3dham.com!
Jkitlinski has beaten Halder!
Eegah has killed Jkitlinski!
"At least I have honor, something you cannot say, Eegah,"
Jkitlinski rebukes.
Eegah has beaten Aragorn!
ThaFreak has killed Eegah in self defence!
Eegah sobs uncontrollably.

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