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Rules for playing Legend of the Red Dragon at lord.stabs.org

No Online Dueling (Slaughtering other players while they are online) Period:
Multi-node BBS gaming is an exciting thing, but unfortunately when it comes to online dueling, LORD doesn't others give players a fair chance. Initiating a battle against another player who is currently online will result in repercussions.

Gambling in the Darkcloak Tavern:
A player may only gamble 6 times (make a total of 6 wagers) per game, per day. Gambling activity is logged and a script runs each day to check the gambling stats for each player.

Irritating other players:
This is not acceptable. If someone asks you not to message or write to them, DO NOT message or write to them! If you feel someone is harassing you, whether it be through private messages or public announcements, report it and I will be happy to review the situation.

Duplicate Accounts:
No single person shall have more than one account. Certain behaviour patterns or logging into multiple accounts from the same IP address may result in further investigation and potential bans from the system.

Using known cheats:
There are a few known strategies which can be used to "game the system" (taking advantage of programming oversights) which can result in an unfair advantage against those who are unware of how to do so. Furthermore, if everyone applied these methods, the game would not be very fun. If your strategy seems to be taking advantage of any sort of "bug" or "programming oversight", this rule applies. We do watch for certain patterns can log / review logs of necessary.

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