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FAQ for Legend of the Red Dragon at lord.stabs.org

Q: Does it cost money to play?
A: No. This site is completely free.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: To sign up as a new user, when you initially log into the system and you are prompted for a username, type: newuser

Q: I forgot my password! Can you help?
A: Sure! Just click here

Q: I died. That sucks! When can I play again?
A: At the start of a new day your player will be revived.

Q: When does a new day start? What is the time zone where the system resides?
A: The game resets at 12:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Q: How many LORD realms are running on this site?
A: For your dragon slaying pleasure, we have three different LORD games running with varying combinations of add-ons and settings.

Q: How many deeds (dragon kills) does it take to win each game?
A: Currently, Game 1 requires five deeds to win. Game 2 requires ten deeds, and Game 3 requires five.

Q: Someone won't stop bothering me or killing me in the middle of my game!
A: Please report this to us through the forums in a private message. Also refer to the 'Rules' section.

Q: I think I encountered a bug. Who should I contact?
A: I want to know! Please report it through the forums. Don't worry about being wrong if it is not a bug.

Players in LORD now: 1 Click here for a detached realtime view of who's playing.

Current system time: Tuesday, 24-Nov-2020 04:27:53 PST

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