Legend of the Red Dragon at lord.stabs.org


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Play Legend of the Red Dragon at lord.stabs.org here!

A new day in each LORD game begins at 12:00AM PDT. Right now it is Tuesday, 31-Mar-2020 00:47:58 PDT.

Click to start playing in the terminal below. Please note that BACKSPACE does NOT work during the login or signup process, so type carefully when you are signing up. For a MUCH better playing experience, downloading a real telnet client such as Putty from here is highly recommended. Run putty.exe, set the hostname to 'lord.stabs.org', ensure 'Telnet' is selected, then click 'OK'. It is a fully supported telnet program and backspace will always function. If you enjoy this site, please consider donating

We are on Twitter. To receive tweets when games are reset, follow https://twitter.com/lordstabs. You can also join our Facebook group here.

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Players in LORD now: 1 Click here for a detached realtime view of who's playing.

Current system time: Tuesday, 31-Mar-2020 00:47:58 PDT

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