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We would like to thank the following contributers:

DEATHWALKER, Mamaloca, Ivy aka Pony, Knisha, Felix, Newanda, Godfather JAM, Amanda, Daniel Johnson, chromakey1, Moxie, Avi, Varnah, Melody, Sandy, Demeisen, Emmett, Coldeagle, miller, 3dham.com, supershwa, Smokey, Don Q, Staley, Knight Stalker, Keu, vipAREA, Blecchh, HomeyG, Burton, Shift_master, let-off studios, Steve H, Foxoftails

Special thanks to The Mystical One (aka Matt Bushwald) from lord.nuklear.org for technical contributions.

You can contribute to lord.stabs.org using the PayPal button below. In the PayPal comment field, please indicate the name by which you would like to be recognized as for your contribution, as well as the name of your LORD player(s).

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Current system time: Tuesday, 24-Nov-2020 04:26:07 PST

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