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Legend of the Red Dragon Today's Game News for lord.stabs.org

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The Daily Happenings....
A group of children did not return from a nature walk today.
Colleen Collector Duelled A Swordfish!
Sandman has beaten Gandalf!
Colleen Collector has killed Runny Nose!
Sandman has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!

"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," Colleen Collector yells.
Sandman has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"I feel ill," elucidates Sandman.
Devttys0 has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"Ack! I was under the impression I was invincible. I suppose I was wrong,"
Devttys0 admits.
Brewers king has killed FartDevil!
"Brewers King is so good, ha ha." laughs Brewers king.
Brewers king has killed Peregrine!
"Next time Peregrine, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
Brewers king says seriously.
ecuPIRATE has killed Smokey!
Smokey's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
ecuPIRATE Toured The Forgery Today!
ecuPIRATE has slain the Red Dragon and become a hero.

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