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Legend of the Red Dragon Today's Game News for lord.stabs.org

The Daily Happenings....
Several farmers report missing cattle today.
Violet has LEFT HomeyG so she could get her old job
back at the Inn! HomeyG is heartbroken.
Violet has MARRIED 3dham.com!!!!!
3dham.com has killed Snap!
"Ack! What a jealous person you've become, 3dham.com!,
Snap cries.
3dham.com has beaten Olodrin!
3dham.com has beaten Sandtiger!
Knight of Nee has killed Legdil!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," Legdil insists.
Knight of Nee has killed Abigail!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," Knight of Nee yells.
Knight of Nee has killed Shortcake in self defence!
Sandman has been eluded by Shortcake.

Bucks Lady Announces:
My Indians lost, but my brew crew won for a change, but the damn cubbies. I hate the god damn cubbies.
Bucks Lady has killed Sandman!
"Let's go Brew Crew." laughs Bucks Lady.
Bucks Lady has beaten Aladdin!
Bucks Lady has killed Dong Quixote!
Bucks Lady sticks Dong Quixote's head on a stick for all to see.

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