Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) Classic BBS Door Game


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About Legend of the Red Dragon, a popular BBS door game known as LORD

Legend of the Red Dragon

LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) is a simplified text based RPG (Role Playing Game). It is a classic retro multi-player role playing game, created during the BBS (Bulletin Board System) era by a popular fellow named Seth Robinson. LORD takes the whole story line of a typical MUD, and breaks it down into a text based menu driven game where you can play your turn within several minutes. You can play every day, or once every other week, and still maintain an active role in the game.

As the Internet era began, and the BBS era ended, LORD seemed to be doomed. However, some die hard BBS SysOp's have added Internet nodes to their systems, some have made dedicated Internet BBS's and a few innovative and determined individuals have created systems such as this one, using a combination of Linux, dosemu and various front end / back-end scripts. We can only hope this will be the future of keeping the legacy alive. lord.stabs.org has been doing its part since 2004 and in that time we have received a lot of attention, including a SlashDot article about lord.stabs.org.

You will find many things to do in the game. You can:
- Specialize in Mystical, Thieving, or Death Knight skills
- Earn gold and experience by fighting monsters in the forest while stumbling across many mysterious things.
- Kill, sleep with, marry other players.
- Explore the inn
- Bribe the bartender
- Flirt with Violet or Seth
- Explore the Other Places
- Gamble, or steal
- Buy and sell weapons and armour
- Die, but be revived the next day
- ... and kill the dragon!

During a typical turn, you will want to go into the forest and fight monsters until you run out of forest fights. Then you can go see which weapons and amour you can afford. Next you may want to size up another player and attempt to kill them. If you win, you will gain a percentage of their experience. If you lose, you will lose any gold which you have not deposited, as well as 10 percent of your experience and your turn will be over for the day. Once you gain enough experience to advance to level 12, you can try your luck with the red dragon.

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