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Legend of the Red Dragon Today's Game News for lord.stabs.org

The Daily Happenings....
Several farmers report missing cattle today.
Violet bears Runny Nose a male child.
Dong Quixote has killed Hkb!
"You have NO right to that, Dong Quixote!," Hkb whines.
3dham.com has killed Legdil!
"Ack! What a jealous person you've become, 3dham.com!,
Legdil cries.
3dham.com has killed Dong Quixote!
"Defeat me, will ya? I have friends in this world!," squeals Dong Quixote.
3dham.com has been killed by Earth Shaker!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," 3dham.com challenges.
Sandman got laid by Abigail!

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